Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Full Disclosure

A Feline's Pride distributor, Stephanie Hatfield received this comment about the recall from her customer, when Stephanie provided her the information about the recall:
Thank you for full disclosure, but here is my 2 cents:  He is a small business and successful.  He provides top quality pet food that could not be duplicated by the Purinas of the world because they have to give their offerings to the Gods of profit and capitalism.  Sad to say that certain elements of our US government are in bed with the big corporations and if people still don't believe that after witnessing the disaster that has occurred with the BP oil spill, then they are most certainly asleep.
The way the food was transported was no accident.  That it tested positive is no accident.  I'm in Shelby's corner and will not be frightened off by this incident.
I will be on my way to you shortly.  See you soon.
No need to elaborate on that.  Thank you Stephie and Kate!

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