Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greatest Confidence in Your Product

Lance Edelman from Atlanta, Georgia was most direct in his compliments and commentary:
I am most sorry to hear of your challenges with the FDA. I am no fan of federal government. They are for the most part incompetent and as with any gov agency it is generally all about looking for something to do in order to expand their power and control. I wish you had communicated this information to me much earlier as I must admit having been frustrated with past shipping delays that were most certainly a result of this FDA witch hunt.
I have two cats who are thriving on your food for several years now. My wife and I have the greatest confidence in your product. If there is anything that we can do to support you and help get them off your back, let me know. Perhaps a letter/email campaign or something?
Thank you Lance, for your years of support!  We are working on campaign right now, so if we do need your help, we'll be letting you know!  Thank you so much!

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