Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All Paws Up in Support!

Carol McCrellias writes today:

In all the years I've been ordering food from Feline's Pride (four or more?), aside from one or two deliveries of "brown," thawed raw food that I suspect occurred due to a problem in the shipping chain, I've never had a problem.  More importantly, my four cats have never been ill nor have they consistently refused to eat it.  I assume if it's pink and the texture and smell is right, it's acceptable for them; they appear to agree.  Sometimes, in fact, they like to leave it set until it starts to turn "less pink," I think because they prefer it at room temperature. If I've forgotten and left food out on a plate for them for too long and it's gone off, or if I'm down to the dregs of the container and it's looking iffy (but still smells OK), they are most capable of letting me know of their displeasure by simply not eating it.  I rely on their instincts.
I ran across a mention of the recall a week or two ago, looked at my receipts to see if I'd gotten any food during the time in question -- I hadn't -- and intend to keep ordering.  It must be very frustrating and embarrassing to have your professional standing, as it were, called into question by an agency that is less than responsive.  I hope the situation resolves to your satisfaction, and quickly.
Thanks for sending the informational link.  All paws up in support from all the felines and their caretakers here.
Thank You Carol and Fam - your support and patronage are greatly appreciated!

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