Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please Stop Wasting the Taxpayer's Money

Here's a straight comment, coming from Amy Stockman, a PhD Candidate in Biology at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.  Amy writes this to the FDA:
Please desist your investigation into Feline's Pride Cat Food.  A raw meat diet is what is best for cats' biology.  They are able to withstand small amounts of pathogens.  Furthermore, the investigation was not based on any complaints from consumers.  Indeed, cats who regularly consume a raw meat diet are some of the healthiest cats around.  It is a shame that companies are allowed to sell carbohydrate and meat by-product based cat foods, and that for most Americans, this is their only option when shopping.  That is not healthy food for a cat.  Feline's Pride provides a healthy, natural alternative. 
Please stop wasting the taxpayers' money into this unwarranted investigation.  You are supporting corporations who produce horrible products, and placing obstacles in the path of career growth to a small business who sells a very high quality product to grateful customers with healthy, happy cats.

Thank you Amy!  It appropriate to suggest that a PhD Candidate in Biology has more at her fingertips in terms of technical data and understanding of the greater issues here than many.  Thank you so much for your support Amy!

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