Monday, July 26, 2010

I Found What I Wanted to Know

Lori Findlay of Florida sent this to Shelby yesterday:
I'm a new customer as of last month, but just heard about your recall.  As I was preparing to write and ask for more info, I found what I wanted to know on your website.  I just finished reading your explanation of what’s happened to you & your company so recently.  Pardon my French, but that sucks.....  it really sucks. 
I'm a small business owner as well.  I have a Master's in Nursing and was in the health care for twenty some years, before my husband & I went into business for ourselves.  I empathize with what you must be going through and understand how you must feel.  The FDA is a complete & total farce.  I knew someone years ago who's MD spouse left his practice to work for the FDA and became immediately disillusioned by the corruption.  I wish I could recall some of the stories she told, but I don't.  I just recall determining that it was clear there was little integrity in the organization.
Well, it's late and time to get to bed.  But just wanted to offer a voice of support and tell you to hang in there.  Don't let the bastards get you down!
Thank you Lori, your comments have echoed many others we've heard, and it's just so sad to hear it said again.  But then again, your "voice of support", is greatly appreciated, because, in the end, it's all about the cats, no?  

Simply put, we just want a quality raw cat food for our cats, and we have that in Feline's Pride!   

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