Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Keep Up the Good Fight!

Roni Kitchell from Edison, New Jersey sends this to Feline's Pride today: 
I have two "babies"--10 and 15 years young.  The 15 year old used to keep to herself and sleep most of the time.  After being on Feline's Pride for only a short time, she is acting like a 'kid' again.  She now socializes with me, sits with me on the couch, climbs all over the couches, and isn't afraid to stick up for herself against my younger, alpha-cat.  All this from the once-quiet kitty who kept to herself and didn't venture out of the bedroom.  She's a long hair and her fur used to knot up so much, I'd have to cut the knots out because it was too painful to brush them out.  Now she is knot free and her coat shines.  She also used to be a picky eater--she'd have to be coaxed into eating her dry kibble but now she needs no coaching to eat her raw food.   The vet is quite impressed with their health, especially since they are considered senior citizens. My girls will never be without this food!
Keep up the great work and keep up the good fight against the money-hungry FDA!
Thank you Roni!  This has been a MONUMENTAL task for a small company, bent on high quality nutrition for our cats.  It's quite clear that the FDA and Feline's Pride have two entirely different goals in mind.

Feline's Pride is ALL ABOUT THE CATS.  No other interest is at play for this company.  Period.

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